About Us

Leverage a Brain Trust of Experienced Business Strategists

Rather than maintaining a full time staff, over the years CBS has accumulated a network of experienced business strategists and top executives who are all experts in their related fields. These experts are called upon to contribute in developing the strategy only when a specific expertise is required. Much of the information ascertained and strategies provided are not commonly accessible by the public. This team will challenge the business plan assumptions, assist in adjusting strategies that fill gaps, participate in both secondary and primary research, substantiate financial forecasts, and analyze all the data and information collected. This network of knowledge is incredibly valuable in generating “real world” strategies. CBS draws upon specialized insights such as advertising, accounting, engineering, computer science and programming, graphic arts, to name only a few. Using such a diversified team of experts ensures objectivity, insight, and perspective that is only found with professionals working in their respective fields. This gathered intelligence is the foundation to develop strategies, market approaches and tactics that are then incorporated into the business model.


Douglas Hoitenga, Managing Director

Douglas Hoitenga, lead consultant, is highly experienced with over two decades of business planning, operations and consulting experience with emphasis on business strategies, business feasibility, product launches, product re-introductions, and market expansions. He has also participated, and many times led, not only the implementation of start-up procedures, market re-entry and business turnarounds but also contributed an integral part toward successful initial public offerings and company acquisitions.

He historically worked directly with the client and/or with accounting firms in addition to various law firms and investor groups. A large portion of his projects was for foreign companies; consequently, he gained experience in working within the business cultures of other countries.

Douglas co-founded and managed various marketing and promotional companies. One such venture for the motion picture industry, MovieFone, grew from concept to a multi-million dollar organization after only four years. Continuing to follow the business strategy developed by Douglas the company realized double digit increases in revenue per annum until the company was purchased by AOL.

He acquired the basic skills necessary to engineer plans and strategies during his employment with three of the world’s largest marketing agencies. Working on national accounts such as Anheuser-Busch, Chevrolet, Ford and Motorola provided him with some of the finest training and experience available.

During his career, Douglas has maintained relationships with many prominent and successful business professionals whom work with CBS providing real world procedures and strategies.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing he continued his education by completing his Masters of Business Administration emphasizing entrepreneurial development and management.

Market Expertise

CBS quickly excels at learning new businesses as well as new markets because of the extensive number of talented and experienced professionals in its brain trust. What follows is a partial list of the business sectors CBS has serviced in the past:

  • Internet and broadband product development
  • Business-to-business products and services
  • Alternative energy and green technologies
  • Energy technologies and services
  • Mobility and telecommunications
  • Consumer products and services
  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Hemp and Cannabis Industry
  • Business feasibility studies
  • Media and entertainment
  • International businesses
  • Hardware technologies
  • Professional services
  • Medical equipment