Examples of Flexible Business Plans that Delivered Actionable Results

Strategic business plans always uncover facts, elements, actions and other surprises that would never have been known or conceived until the plan was developed. Here are some examples:

Research Often Yields Surprising, Actionable Results

These examples show how a well-researched business plan will often challenge assumptions and reveal unexpected opportunities.



Often it is said, there are no new ideas just new packaging. After completing local consumer researchCBS recommended the redesign of the channel selection for the programming televised by a new fiber optic company entering central Utah.  This simple concept of providing the viewer the convenience of selecting a channel based on special interest accelerated the subscription rate dramatically. Other cable companies in the local market did not experience the rapid growth of this client.



Often when developing the business strategy other opportunities not originally considered are identified. This client initially focused on the trucking industry. After analyzing the data for the industry and beginning to construct the strategy in order to enter the market, it became obvious that this technology was applicable to multiple vertical markets rather than just one.



Sharing a vision utilizing a unique format can assist in generating a reader’s attention. Almost all clients extract facts from the comprehensive business plan for traditional media vehicles such as a brochures, webpages, etc.; however, occasionally the information is presented in a less traditional manner. For example, one CBS client presented the company business plan in a bound hard cover book. This collateral piece was provided at no charge to the investment community before the company’s initial public offering. This unconventional presentation generated a great deal of attention because it was so unusual.


Example of Condensed Executive Summary


Compressing a comprehensive business plan down to a clearly written two page elevator pitch can be difficult. This condensed Executive Summary should be written to quickly grasp the reader’s attention and present a compelling overview of the business. The objective is to entice the reader to learn more and to continue reading the entire business plan.


Example of Business Plan


Minor processing changes increase bottom line. Bio-diesel is produced from vegetable oils, soy beans, etc. of which glycerin is a by-product extracted during the manufacturing process. Glycerin is most commonly used for industrial applications; however, research shows human consumption grades far exceed the value of industrial grade. After investigating it was determined it required only a few changes in the extraction process and factory environment to produce this more valuable product. This was a major discovery that increased the bottom line dramatically and more quickly.

Synchro Energy

Example of Business Plan


There are times when an opportunity can be presented and accepted with greater benefits than originally expected.   This CBS client received an offer not only to fund the first project but the financier requested the first right-of-refusal for the ten projects that followed. With financing in place management was able to focus on the growth and success of the company.