CBS Creates Powerful and Elegant Solutions to Strategic Challenges

CBS’ objective is to assist clients in developing various strategies to effectively and efficiently enter a market, raise capital, operate, control growth, and identify—then solve—difficult problems. We offer the work products below as tools to comprehensively address any and all related issues.


Business Feasibility Study, Business Planning, Strategy & Execution

  • Find substantiating market research and analyze
  • Ensure all efforts work in unison
  • Develop business strategies
  • Generate a startup strategy
  • Write the business plan
  • Provide measureable short-term and long-term action plans
  • Produce comprehensive presentations for customers, investors and conferences
  • Maintain obtainable short-term goals, long-term objectives and overall accountability
  • Improve operations and process procedures
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Market Research & Analysis

  • Produce an Industry Profile
  • Provide secondary market research
  • Generate primary market research, if applicable
  • Identify the target market via customer research
  • Investigate competitor’s market positioning and success

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Tools for Outside the Organization

  • Provide clear business summaries
  • Write summarized version of business plan
  • Build persuasive pitch decks

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Financial Projections & Analysis

  • Generate Pro-Forma financial projections, analyses, and strategies
  • Provide financial projections in GAAP format
  • Minimize financial risk
  • Formulate capital requirements in a presentable format

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Updating an Existing Business Plan

  • Stabilize cash flow
  • Manage expenses
  • Refocus on profitable core business

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