Why Work with CBS?

The Benefits of Working with CBS

Client Receives Total Attention

CBS emphases personalized service to the client. From day one the project is managed by a senior business strategist who is also the point of contact throughout the project. Ethics and commitment make the CBS team unparalleled in developing the correct strategy. Strict Confidentiality Agreements are always completed, in advance, providing the client protection on all intellectual properties, concepts and strategies.

All Plans are Customized to Meet the Needs of the Client

Each business strategy is designed and written to meet specific objectives unique to the client. There are no cookie-cutter, high production, fill in the blank approaches to completing the business plan. Each plan conveys the exclusive vision of the client. CBS researches, compiles information from various sources including the client’s internal management and composes a comprehensive business plan incorporating research based strategies.

Develop a Plan for Success Not Just to Raise Funding

Many people believe the first objective of a business plan is to raise funding. Although this is an important function, ideally the first objective is to establish the strategy for success. While developing the business strategy many attributes as well as pitfalls are identified. Strategies are developed in advance to address these points resulting in a strong and comprehensive direction to success. Funders identify the confidence in a plan and fund accordingly. Comprehensive business plans make raising capital easier.

Utilize the Knowledge and Experience of Professionals

The CBS team of professionals work in their related fields in top management positions. It is for this reason the most current theories and procedures are available to CBS. This seasoned staff does not depend solely on academia but real word experience as to what works and what does not. Each team member has broad experience in creating and implementing business models of all kinds. CBS experts include, yet not limited to, experts in finance, financial modeling, marketing, competitor research, sales, manufacturing and much more.

Get Noticed

A well written comprehensive business strategy generates attention compared to more cookie-cutter style plans. CBS clients enjoy success and are funded, merged, acquired or initiate initial public offerings (IPOs)

Success Rate

Eighty-six percent of the clients with plans developed by CBS were offered third party funding while the remainder opted to self-fund or decided not to pursue the project. Seven percent funded by third parties eventually were acquired by major corporations. CBS has been instrumental in many capital infusions which cumulatively is nearing $100 million before acquisitions, mergers or IPOs. Ten percent went on to launch IPOs. One client sold for over $400 million dollars after ten years of operating history following the strategies developed for the business plan.

Letting Experts Facilitate Saves Valuable Resources

Operating a business requires many precious hours. Using CBS to assist in developing business strategies saves the client resources.

Ongoing Support

The CBS team does not stop when the strategy plan is completed. Depending upon the needs of the client, CBS will assist in implementing and monitoring the results, if requested.

Once Completed

Upon completion of the customized comprehensive business plan the client receives all work copies and finished business plan in Word and PDF (print ready) format. The business plan is the sole property of the client not that of CBS.